Welcome To StrangeFellows

 That's my little girl.

On December 3, 2013 I vowed to become a full-time parent so that my girlfriend could go out into the world and make something of herself. Albeit has been a rough and sundering job I am still proud of myself when I see the hard work pay off. As time has crept by and the kids get older a question of future begins to develop.

"What will I say I have accomplished while being a parent?"

Since being a parent is much more of a privilege then a career milestone there isn't any company out there that is jumping at guys and gals with job offers for homebodies. The gears in my head starting spinning early 2016. I had to come up with something that would grab an employers attention. Some kind of work or hobby.

After some trial and error I came to this. Strangefellows is inspired by the author Simon R. Green. I chose to start a community on Enjin.com because it has a lot of handy tools like a 'web design for dummies' sort of place. Perfect for a guy like me who knows nothing about HTML and stuff.

Just a short list of my brainstormed ideas:

  • SFTvNetwork.com - Community to support gamers and artists.
  • sTidbiTs - Handcrafted paracord accessories.
  • Operation Supply Drop - Cincinnati, Ohio team leader

My goal here is to help others connect. Anything I may sell or profit from is donated to my preferred organizations.

Hope you enjoy your stay. You may join and support the community as you see fit. Thank you for reading this.


Chase Williams


Co-Leader, OSD_Cincinnati

e: williams.c@operationsupplydrop.org